Comparing The Two (How The West Was Won verses How The West Was Redone)

What are the differences between the release of How the West Was Won compared to the release of How The West Was Redone?

It has been un-brickwalled and is no longer a victim of The Loudness Wars.

Kevin Shirleys harshness has been smoothed out. Winston used the DVD-A multitrack version to put his release together.

If you really want to hear what John Paul Jones plays, he is right up front in the mix now.
The volume of the guitar has been reduced a little and now you can hear everything quite well.

How the West Was Redone is actually more of a remaster and a remix. Of course Winston had no access to the original multitracks, but since he used the separate surround channels from the 5.1 mix, and he could rearrange them and adjust their volumes individually, he basically was able to do a remix.

The perception of less brickwalling might just come from the original source itself, and the
fact that his mix makes everything sound clearer and more distinct, with more «air.».

Winston’s is definitely the result of a specific goal/choice: he wanted to make it sound less
like a commercially produced record with excess loudness and compression – and more like a
well-mastered raw multitrack. The result is that it sounds clearer, with more air and separation – but it does lack some of the characteristics we’re used to when we hear a professional release.

It’s less fatiguing to the ear than the official CD, and it allows you – if you’re interested
– to listen more analytically to what’s going on with each of the four guys during the songs.

Winston Remasters wrote:
I used the DVD-Audio files, loaded them in Samplitude as a 6 channel mix, turned them all down -6db, and played with the surround channels. I brought the bass up in the mix in its placement on the surround scope. Also mixed in the CD version at -16db .. just enough to help dynamically separate things. After mixing, EQ’d the bass less to the point where I can play it loud and it doesn’t bleed the ears.

Overall, a very enjoyable mix that is less taxing on the ears, and brings Jones more prominently into the fold.

Led Zeppelin How The West Was Redone (Winston Remasters)
CD01 01 – LA Drone/Immigrant Song
CD01 02 – Hearbreaker
CD01 03 – Black Dog
CD01 04 – Over The Hills And Far Away
CD01 05 – Since I’ve Been Loving You.
CD01 06 – Stairway To Heaven
CD01 07 – Going To California
CD01 08 – That’s The Way
CD01 09 – Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
CD02 01 – Dazed And Confused
CD02 02 – What Is And What Should Never Be
CD02 03 – Dancing Days
CD02 04 – Moby Dick
CD03 01 – Whole Lotta Love
CD03 02 – Rock And Roll
CD03 03 – The Ocean
CD03 04 – Bring It On Home