Absent and present

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Absent and present

The absent ones rest
beds of feathers
sheets of silk
they fly in sideral worlds

The present ones close their eyes
they dream awake
thinking on the days that were
torturing themselves in silence

The absent ones are not worried
they wake up happy
look for new romances
they live forgetting

The present ones fall
they make lakes of pains
that cover their worlds of loneliness
they live remembering

The absent ones laugh
the present ones cry

They were both one once
today, they are fragments
ones without suffering
the other ones suffering

The indifferent espectators
see self-destruction as weakness
lonely imaginary spaces
they ignore

Absent and present
are realities in the world
fantasies that do not fulfill
hopes that gte lost

Imaginary lovers of time
that fill the world with stories
great absences
in reduced spaces of heart

© José Carlos Botto Cayo