Led Zeppelin
June 9, 1972
Coliseum, Charlotte, NC

101.Immigrant Song
103.Celebration Day
104.Black Dog
105.Since I’ve Been Loving You
106.Stairway To Heaven
107.Going To California
108.That’s The Way
110.Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

201.Dazed & Confused
202.What Is And What Should Never Be
203.Moby Dick
204.Whole Lotta Love
205.Rock And Roll
206.Communication Breakdown

An excellent, short and complete show in front of a rather acerbic crowd. The acoustic section is excellent and Jimmy’s outro solo in Black Dog and all of Heartbreaker are excellent, including one of the best 1972 Dazed And Confused versions ever and a killer Stairway To Heaven solo! Knees Up Mother Brown is a short tease that Plant commented: “Actually, that’s on the next album!” As always, there are some troubles with the audience and Plant appealing for calm down. Celebration Day has its only 1972 premier and Whole Lotta Love doesn’t contain any medley … very rare! Two high powered encores cap this show.

Page has the crowd clapping along with his country-flavored licks during the a cappella solo in Heartbreaker. Plant sounds a bit under the weather, his voice breaking a few times during the final verse. Celebration Day seems a bit sluggish. Black Dog is introduced as “a song dedicated to an old hunting dog in England… he used to go out to see his lady friend and he used to get so wasted that he couldn’t get back!” Page blazes through the guitar solo. The tape is cut between songs. Since I’ve Been Loving You is slow and mournful. Page, Plant, and Bonzo play a bit of Knees Up Mother Brown before Stairway to Heaven. One of the tapers comments “I’m hopin’ they’ll get better… they look like they’re kinda drunk or somethin’… they are much better than this” after Tangerine.

The initial verses of Dazed and Confused are slow and loose. Plant improvises lyrics to calm the rowdy crowd during the heavy lead-in to the bow solo, which is cut slightly at the beginning. The ever-expanding guitar solo/workout section features an excellent Walter’s Walk jam. Plant warns the crowd to stay off the stage before What is and What Should Never Be. He introduces Bonzo as “weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… two hundred and six pounds, John Henry Bonham, Moby Dick!” Jones pounds on his organ during the theramin freakout in Whole Lotta Love, which is played without a medley for the first time since the Bath Festival. A shout of “fuck your latest album!” can be heard coming from the crowd as Plant introduces Rock and Roll. The show ends with a somewhat sluggish Communication Breakdown. A rather lazy performance overall with a few moments of inspiration.

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