Source: Incomplete excellent soundboard recording. 43 minutes.
Details: The recording is a very good balanced professional board tape with vocals and drums up front.

Soundboard Recording
Master reel > DAT

1. I Can’t Quit You
2. Dazed and Confused
3. You Shook Me
4. How Many More Times
5. Communication Breakdown

Historical note: This is the earliest known live soundboard recording.

Brought to you by Jason Peterson

Comments: This is all that is known to exist of this show, and it is a shame … this is great one! Robert is hoarse with a sore throat but his singing is still gutsy and the band is unreal, especially on Dazed And Confused. The group experienced some of equipment problems which caused the long delays between the songs so Robert leading to request the audience, “Has anybody got a Les Paul? Jeff who? Tell him to bring it here then!” As the band took the stage for the encore, Plant saying “I tell you what! This is the third night and we’ve decided that we’re gonna come and live here, ‘cos you’re so nice! If we don’t make it, then the police in England would rather we’d stay there!” Communication Breakdown has Plant substituting his “banshee-scream” before the solo with a lion’s growl. This is also the earliest known live soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin and it’s typical of the era, with the vocals and drums to the fore.

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